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What Is PathSource And Who Uses It?
#1 Career App
in the Apple App Store
User Age Group
Most users are 18-29 years old
Best New Apps
1 of 20 Best New Apps
College Education
80% are college educated
Mobile Friendly
Designed for Mobile Users
Gender Breakdown
45% Male, 55% Female
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PathSource users are more passionate and self-directed than other candidates
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Price $99 $99 $320* $375 $499
Duration 365 Days 30 Days N/A 60 Days 30 Days
Assisted job posting** Green Red Red Red Red
Candidates given unique
insights into every job
Green Red Red Red Red
Candidates are proficient in
use of new mobile tech
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Unlimited candidates
at the same cost
Green Green Red Green Green
Candidates given access to
best-in-class career exploration
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More passionate and better
informed candidates
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*Indeed is a pay-per-click model. This is the average cost to hire an employee on Indeed.
**Send us a link to preexisting job posting or upload a job posting document and we'll take care of posting it on PathSource for you.